FieldWise, Inc.


FieldWise, Inc. provides unrivaled experience and knowledge of plant-based and interdisciplinary (human, animal, environmental) biosurveillance and risk assessment.  Our consulting services provide subject matter expertise to improve your preparedness, response, detection, mitigation and recovery surveillance and decision support systems.  Our globally recognized personnel are uniquely adept in detection capabilities engaging epidemiology, weather-based models, plant/ crop risk assessment with a particular focus on remotely sensed inputs, including weather, remote digital imagery, open source information extraction and ground reporting from remote and diverse locations.


FieldWise, Inc. offers the following plant / crop consulting service areas: 

  • Facilitation, Strategic Planning, Coalition Consensus Building
  • Operational Surveillance Design, Implementation and Enhancement
  • Threat Alerting, Forecasting and Monitoring
  • Emergency Response Operations, Training and Exercising
  • Event Mitigation and Recovery